Welcome to my website

showing my work from 1990 up to the present, including some of my early photography. You will also find some of my previous work where my views and ideas were still in development. 

I have always been interested in the rise and fall of people in power, including the narrow-mindedness of some politicians and their supporters. In 1988 I decided to make a series of paintings about a number of 20th century prominent personalities: Heroes and Villains of the 20th Century.

Around 2000 it became apparent to me that I should focus on the future and on the impact of modern media and technology on society. The result was a series of paintings, entitled: Preparing for the 21st Century. Later I shifted my attention from this to violence in our society.

About 2012 I felt it was time for something new again. In the period 2012 – 2015 I made the painting with the title: Public Spaces 1, which relates to my series Preparing for the 21st Century. In this new series I portrait people in public spaces beingt fixed on one's own appearance or their cell phone.

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